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Our church, Gloryland Baptist, in Birmingham, Alabama has a ministry called Central American Missions. This ministry in Honduras is through missionaries Ronnie and Joanne Doss who work very closely with Bro. Graham Hutson from our church. Bro. Doss runs an orphanage that has about 70 children. He also has a Bible Institute that educates national pastors for the ministry. One of the ways that we are able to help is to ship 40 foot containers several times a year with clothes, shoes, and supplies for the orphan home, workers, and national pastors who depend on Bro. Doss. The purpose of this website is to provide updates on ship dates for the container and to provide you with information about the needs of this ministry if you would like to donate items or contribute to this worthy cause. We hope you will prayerfully consider helping us as we accomplish this task.

Honduras Project List

For a complete list of frequently needed items, please click on the link below:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Christmas Shipment-Departed October 27th

We are praising God once again for his provisions and blessings! We were able to raise all the funds needed for the 2018 Christmas container.  In addition to being able to purchase gifts for the children, workers, and the pastor's families, we were also able to buy items requested by Bro. Doss and the Schenks.  We were able to ship some need electrical and maintenance supplies.  Medical supplies were sent for a clinic to be set up in the Schenk's home. We also sent arts and craft supplies and games for the weekend family nights.  Some items for the children with special needs were also purchased and shipped.  

I would like to share an example of how God provides the needs of this ministry every year.   Bro. Graham said Bro. Doss was asking for wheelchairs, walkers, and John and Romans! Bro. Graham said he had two separate men call him shortly after.  One man asked if we need wheelchairs and walkers.  The other asked if we needed Spanish John and Romans!! It is amazing to see the Lord put this project together every year! 

Below you will find pictures of shipping day-October 27th, 2018! I will update as soon as I hear that the container has arrived.  Please pray the container will arrive safely and Bro. Doss can get it out of customs with no problems.

Thank you Ms. Betty!

Ms. Betty from Straight Paths Baptist Church made yarn dolls for the girls!

Sorting Day! October 14th

It was such a beautiful day! We decided to sort items outside in the sunshine!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Our ministry collects new and gently used items for Bro. Ronnie Doss
and his ministry. We ship the needed items to Bro. Ronnie Doss in Honduras
twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall) in 40 foot containers.  

Shipping Ministry Updates
We were delayed in sending a spring container and have made the
decision to send one container at the end of October. We have
purchased two 40-foot containers to store items for shipment.  The
40-foot containers keep the items secure and out of the weather.
We currently have a full container of items to ship. However, there
are several specific needs for the ministry (see included list). We also
need to purchase Christmas gifts for around 60 children who live at the
orphanage, around 15 workers, and over 20 national pastors and their families.  
We are striving to raise $5,000 to complete this Christmas project.

We have recently had a Best Western hotel donate a great deal of furniture
for Honduras. They are remodeling and replacing all their furniture.  We have
also had a children’s clothing consignment company donate a great deal of
gently used children’s clothing.

How You Can Help
  • Organize a donation center at your church for this ministry.  Ask
members of your church to donate the needed items and then call to
schedule a drop off time to bring your items. Shoes and hygiene items are
the greatest need at this time.
  • In Prayer-Your prayers for our ministry and the children in Honduras
make an eternal difference.
  • By Donating New/Slightly Used Items-A list of the commonly needed
items has been included with this newsletter.  If you have any items you would
like to donate, please contact us to schedule a drop-off time.  
  • Financially-Your financial gifts to this outreach will help meet the physical,
spiritual,and educational needs of the orphans.  All donations will be used to buy
needed items for this ministry.

Honduras Christmas Project
Sponsor a child’s Christmas-$25
Sponsor a national pastor and his family for Christmas-$150
Give a donation of any amount to contribute to buying Christmas for the orphans
and national pastors’ families.
***Make checks payable to Gloryland Baptist Church

You can become an advocate for the orphans in Honduras by spreading the word
verbally at your church or through social media. Sign up for updates for this
ministry at hondurascontainer.blogspot.com and share the updates with your church
and on your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Honduras Updates
Bro. Rick and Mrs. Julia Schenk have recently moved to Honduras to work
with Bro. Ronnie and Mrs. Joann. They have committed to work with the boys
at the orphanage.  They will also help care for the orphanage and working on
the property infrastructure. The Schencks have established family night with
the boys each weekend. Many of the needed items include games, crafts,
and Spanish DVDs to help make these family nights fun for the boys.  They
are also looking to establish a clinic in their home and will need first aid supplies.
They have also identified many construction type needs, such as painting and
electrical repairs. For more information about the Schenck’s ministry, go to

Christa Miller is a lady from Pennsylvania that works with the girls
and the children with special needs.  In addition to spiritual training,
she is in the process of teaching the girls discipline. She wants to
teach them to play volleyball. Therefore, she needs a net and some
volleyballs. One praise she has had recently is that she has had more
girls saved this year than any of the previous years she has been in
Honduras.  She is also praying for a vehicle specifically for her use.

Bro. Ronnie, Mrs. Joann, and Janie are doing well and are in good
health at this time.  Bro. Ronnie is always anxious for people to come
to Honduras to visit and see their faith at work. Please continue to pray
for Bro. Ronnie and Mrs. Joann as they continue to lead this

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fall Shipment Updates!

We were delayed in sending a spring container and have made the decision to only send a container this fall.  Our warehouse tent is worn out from wear and tear and we are currently unable to store items under it due to the items getting wet because of leaks in the tent.  We have decided to purchase two 40-foot containers for storage instead of purchasing a new cover for the tent because it is more cost efficient.  We currently have a full container of items.  However, there are several specific needs the ministry has.  We also need to purchase all Christmas gift items for the children, workers, and pastors families.  Please see the list below of items needed at this time:

***Hand soap

***Rotary Hammer Cordless Drill
***10-2 electrical wire
***PVC cleaner
***Plastic outlet boxes
***Electrical boxes
***Light switches
***Plastic shields and screws for concrete
***Paint rollers
***Paint brushes
***Wire nuts
***Black electrical tape

***arts/crafts supplies
***DVDS that play in Spanish
***Spanish books
***Card games

Christmas decorations
Toys for all ages
School supplies
Art/Craft supplies
Adult clothing-Size small, medium, and large
Children’s clothing
A Kindle for Ms. Doss (hers was stolen)
***Ideas for boys include transformers, hot wheels, legos, puzzles, and markers.


***Toy boxes
Shower curtains
Stock pots
***Plastic plates, cups, and bowls
***Heavy duty utensils for eating
***Cabinet for storing food
***clothes hampers for boys

Shoes size 5-9 ladies
***Children's shoes all sizes
***Boys rubber boots
Children’s clothing all sizes
clothing for teen girls and boys
***Large whiteboards
Spanish teacher’s guides
Spanish books
School supplies
***15 Volleyballs
***Volleyball net
***Cabinet with lock
***Large bandaids
***Ace wraps
***Water pick for cleaning ears
***Adult & children various medicine - for insect bites, allergies, ear aches, headache, teething, cough, colds
***Vitamins for children
***Items specifically requested for this container
Underline indicates items cannot be purchased in Honduras

Answered Prayer!

The Lord has led Bro. Rick and Mrs. Julia Schenck to work with Bro. Ronnie and Mrs. Joann at the orphanage in Honduras.  They have already worked to establish family nights with the boys and are working to establish a clinic in their home.  They are also working on needed repairs at the orphanage.  To find out more about their calling and ministry, click here.